Watching the Shot - a painting by Winslow Homer

An Unlocated Title: Watching the Shot

Watching the Shot

Introduction to Watching the Shot

Civil War painting titled Watching the Shot by Winslow HomerAccording to the official Winslow Homer raisonne, Record of Works by Winslow Homer, Volume 1, 1846 through 1866, by Goodrich and Gerdts, 2005, a previously unknown Civil War painting titled Watching the Shot by Winslow Homer came to light in 1988. Although the actual artwork is listed as unlocated, the fact that the painting ever existed at all owes its official acknowledgement to an archived news article from 1866. This website will offer scholarly analysis of the historical and scientific facts which combine to authenticate a 19th century Civil War painting, discovered in 2003, as the original Winslow Homer painting titled Watching the Shot. Click here to go to the main research section. If you have questions, please contact us by email using our contact form.

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